10 Amazing Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes

4. Failing to Cook For Yourself

Failing to Cook For Yourself

Meal preparation is a critical skill. To successfully build maximum muscle, you should be able to prepare your own food. Nutritious foods eaten throughout the day are necessary to obtain anabolism. You shouldn’t rely on others to give you the right foods to reach your goals. Do it yourself to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Prepare your daily meals in advance, several serves at a time. Then just refrigerate and eat when your schedule says its time. It’s actually pretty easy once you get in the groove. Don’t be afraid to use you imagine and get creative with your meals. Tuna and egg whites need not be dull. Get online and look for recipes, use spices, read low fat cook books. Assemble your ingredients, set aside some time and go at it.

5. Not Keeping a Nutrition Log

Not Keeping a Nutrition Log

As cumbersome as it might sound, the muscle elite keep daily records of what food and supplements they consume and when they consume it. This allows them to keep a running tally of their nutritional progress. Tracking results, identifying trends, finding what works, discarding what doesn’t, a log becomes your nutritional report card. You can make truly accurate assessments and implement intelligent corrective action when you base your adjustments on factual data and objective analysis. These days there are a number of good apps that trainers can use to track their nutritional progress. Jump online and do some research.


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