10 Amazing Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes

6. Too Much Fat & Sugar

Too Much Fat & Sugar

The twin demons of nutrition. Fat is calorically the densest of all nutrients, with nine calories per gram. Fat is hard to digest and is the body’s preferred storage material. Though a certain amount of fat is needed for brain and other bodily functions, the little that’s required is easily acquired through regular low fat eating. Excess sugar is easily converted to fat once in the body. Buyer beware: A food may be advertised as low fat and still be loaded with sugar. Quite a few a few of the sports drinks and nutritional sports bars are loaded with sugar. Limit fat intake to roughly 15% of your total caloric consumption, and try to avoid or dramatically reduce sugar intake – your metabolism will thank you.

7. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not Drinking Enough Water

Your body is almost 70% water, and to keep properly hydrated you need to drink enough water throughout the day. Water is involved in virtually every biological process, and we lose a significant amount daily through normal bodily functions. The bottom line is you need around 2 litres per day for normal functioning, but potentially much more if you train hard or live in a hot climate.

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