10 Amazing Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes

9. Lacking Food Balance in Meals

Lacking Food Balance in Meals

The optimal feeding for building muscle is a blend of lean protein, starchy and fibrous carbohydrates, low levels of fat and no sugar. The proportional divisions vary depending upon individual characteristics. Some folks are carb sensitive and need to keep starchy carbs to a minimum, otherwise they can pack on fat quickly. Others thrive on a diet heavy on potatoes and rice with no ill effects.

How you metabolise food is very individual. You need to determine how foods affect you. Rule of thumb for proportional balance: 50% calories from carbs, 35% from protein and 15% from fat. This is a good starting point, and careful monitoring once on this 50-35-15 regimen will dictate any necessary adjustments. The goal is building muscle and reducing body fat. Without carrying a set of scales, calorie book and calculator around with you everywhere, aim to fill 50% of your plate with carbohydrates. Half of these should be dense, starchy carbs (rice, potatoes) and half should be fibrous carbs (broccoli, green beans, lettuce, etc.). The other half of the dinner plate should consist of lean protein (skinless chicken, turkey, fish, etc.). Don’t worry about the 15% fat… it’s there!

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