10 Amazing Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes

10. Ignoring Supplementation

Ignoring Supplementation

We all have little holes and shortcomings in our diets, and supplements help us round them out. All elite athletes and bodybuilders use supplements. The expense, hassle and confusion of diet supplementing scares off some trainers. Big mistake. Use a daily multivitamin. In addition, a quality protein powder 2 – 3 times a day will make a big difference. Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine can dramatically boost recovery and aid new muscle growth. Think about Creatine – it’s one of the most studied supplements of all time – because it works! Pre-Workouts are worth trying as they can help you go harder – but they aren’t for everyone.

Then we can get into many other areas, like fat burners, test boosters, intra workouts. Before you start spending your hard earned cash on these make sure you have your basics right, cos a test booster won’t help if your protein intake is too low!

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