10 Amazing Home Workouts For Muscle Bodybuilding



The squat is one of the effective home workout exercises for the lower body that engages a large number of muscles at the same time. It engages the quadriceps, hamstrings hip adductors, glutes, calf, rectus abdominals and erector spinae. Stand with your feet placed a little more than shoulder width apart. Extend your arms out straight and move squat down by bending your knees and pushing your hips backward.

Maintain a neutral spine and keep your chest and shoulders upright. Now, push your body back up to the standing position by driving through the heels. You can also hold some weight while doing squats to make them more effective.

Single leg Romanian Deadlifts

Single leg Romanian Deadlifts

The Single leg Romanian deadlift is a killer workout at home that works the muscles of the back of the legs and hips such as the hamstrings and glutes. It also tones the muscles of the core and midsection. This exercise also helps in improving balance and corrects strength imbalances. Hold a weight in your left hand and stand on your right leg while keeping the torso engaged and back straight.

Now, bend the hip and lower the upper body and simultaneously lower the weight forward. At the same time, your left leg will move back and will be extended at the back. Come back to the initial position and repeat this workout with the other leg.

So, now that you know the 10 power packed full body workouts that will help you to get a ripped and muscular body even in your home, start practicing them to achieve your dream figure fast.

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