10 Amazing Standing Shoulder Exercises for Weight Loss : Bodybuilding

Horizontal Arm Swings

Horizontal Arm Swings

Raise your arms to your sides at shoulder height, parallel to the floor, with palms facing down. Keeping your arms straight, begin to swing them forward and back, alternately crossing one arm over the other. Keep your shoulders soft, relaxing any resistance in the pectoral muscles at the front of the shoulders, as well as in the muscles of the upper back.

As your arms swing forward, your shoulders are drawn toward one another in front of your chest and your back expands, separating your shoulder blades.

As your arms swing back, your chest is expanded, drawing your shoulder blades closer together. Repeat in a continuous, fluid motion, alternating the arm on top each time. Continue for 30 seconds or more. This movement is not coordinated with the breath.

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