10 Amazing Standing Shoulder Exercises for Weight Loss : Bodybuilding

Rotations with Extended Arms

Rotations with Extended Arms

Lift your arms in front of you at shoulder level, palms facing up. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, draw them forward and up, first extending the arms forward and then slowly raising them above the shoulders with palms facing back. Continue to rotate your shoulders back and down, and as you do, bend your elbows, reach your arms back, and bring your fingertips to your shoulders.

Let the elbows come down in the front until they are about parallel to the floor. Now reverse direction, raising the elbows, straightening the arms, and reaching the shoulders back and up. Once the arms are straightened above, Once you are comfortable with the movement, try changing the hand position. Begin with palms facing one another or with palms facing down. Each hand placement will have a different effect on the ball-and-socket joint at the shoulder. You can repeat each variation up to 3 times.

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