10 Amazing Standing Shoulder Exercises for Weight Loss : Bodybuilding

Hand Circles

Hand Circles

Here are four variations of wrist circling to bring flexibility and strength to your wrist joints.

Begin with your arms raised in front. Bend at the wrists, stretching your hands up with your fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Now with a smooth and fluid motion, circle with both hands, completing 3 full circles, first in a clockwise direction and then in a counterclockwise direction. Maintain full extension of the wrists as you circle and try not to let your arms lower toward the floor.

Next, rotate the left hand in a counterclockwise direction while circling the right hand in a clockwise direction. After 3 rotations, change direction and complete 3 more times.

  • Now spread the fingers apart as far as possible and circle 3 times in each direction.
  • Finally, repeat in both directions with the fingers bent to form tight “claws,” fingertips tucked and placed just at the base of the fingers themselves.
  • These simple movements require only modest exertion, and are extremely beneficial to the muscles of the shoulder, improving circulation, developing coordination, and expanding the range of movements.

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