10 Best Foods to Eat Before Your Yoga Practice


One of my personal favourites, a serving of kale is a calcium goldmine, contains more iron than a similar-sized serving of red meat, and supplies an abundant amount of vitamin K. Kale is also packed with fiber, so will go a long way in regulating digestion, while the calcium promotes a strong spine and skeleton The best way to eat kale is fresh – try it in a smoothie or massaging it with a little olive oil and substituting it for lettuce in a salad (sometimes it’s nice to mix it with other greens like spinach and arugula to distribute the earthy taste). I like to add it to stir frys or warm quinoa salads, or just steam it to have with fried garlic and onions as a side dish – get creative with what’s in your fridge! A popular snack is baked kale chips; you can find just about any flavor recipe online these days.

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