11 Amazing Simple Natural Foods For Eye Health People Should Eat Regularly

10. Poultry:

This is also one of the best foods for eye health you should consume more in daily diet. Poultry, such as chicken, geese, and ostriches, is a healthy alternative to red meat you usually eat in daily meals, including beef, pork, and lamb.

Although ostrich meat has not been common yet, it contains a lot of zinc, potassium, protein and iron, which are important elements for excellent eyesight. Zinc is an important mineral found in the retina, which stimulates the production of an enzyme associated with healthy eyes. In addition, iron helps to prevent eye degeneration, keeping the eyes healthy even in old age.

Turkey and chicken also have large amounts of zinc. Besides, another wonderful advantage of these foods is that they are very rich in vitamins, such as vitamin B, nicotinich acids, and vitamin E. These are essential nutrients in the fight against glaucoma crystal and other debilitating illnesses of the eye. These meats can be stewed, baked, or added in soups, salads.

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