13 Foods That Burn Calories To Lose Weight Fast

12. Celery:


Celery contains a low level of calories and helps to burn fat effectively. Celery mostly consists of water, so it is great as a part of a balanced diet. Nevertheless, this food is not good for celery diet only because your body will not get its needed nutrients and minerals. Therefore, the best decision for you is combining it with some other foods.

13. Avocado:

Avocado is a triple-fat burning machine. This fruit contains monounsaturated fat that helps to boost your metabolism and protect the energy-producing part of your cells from dangerous free radicals. In addition, avocado brings about many great benefits for your health. It is good for your hair and eyes, reduces your risk of heart disease, helps to heal wounds and reduce cholesterol levels. You can make a delicious avocado smoothie with coconut milk and cinnamon, add sliced avocado to a spinach or green bean salad, or eat half an avocado with sea salt and tomatoes to get a healthy and energetic breakfast.

All of the above foods that burn calories are listed on the famous and prestigious lists. However, you cannot find the fullest list in anywhere else but VKool.com, in my article. I have collected these foods for weeks, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who wants to get healthy and lean body.

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