13 Super Foods Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss : Healthy Eating

13 Super Foods Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss : Healthy Eating

The Science Behind Losing Weight & Why Fruit Helps

It’s an accepted fact that to lose weight we need to be in a calorie deficit. In other words, we need to eat fewer calories than we burn over a given period.Looking for and eating foods that reduce our appetite can help us achieve a calorie deficit more easily.Certain fruits help with our weight loss goals because they contain healthy levels of soluble and viscous fiber, like pectin, psyllium, glucomannan and guar gum. And these healthy fibers curb our appetites, making us eat less.Numerous studies agree that increasing your intake of fiber results in weight loss. Fiber improves digestion, curbs the absorption of sugar in your blood, and keeps you satiated for longer. You feel fuller and eat less as a result.

Fruits are Superfoods

They help you lose weight because their substantial fiber content keeps your hunger pangs at bay.However, enjoy fruits in moderation because too much can hinder weight loss. Fruit is high in the simple sugar fructose that your body will more readily store as fat. Additionally, they still contain calories, a banana as much as 100, and so need to be balanced with the weight loss calorie deficit you are trying to achieve.

If weight loss is your goal, consider adding these 13 to your diet for dependable results.


Pears have a higher content of fiber than most other fruits. They are rich in Vitamin C. And known to reduce your chances of developing type II diabetes and coronary heart diseases.

Pears reduce your cholesterol level and keep your energy levels stable. Their high levels of fiber keep you fuller for longer contributing to your weight loss goals.

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