13 Super Foods Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss : Healthy Eating


Guava is a useful weight loss fruit because it is rich in fiber, prevents constipation, and has a low glycemic index.

This low index makes it the ideal weight loss fruit for people who have diabetes. Its fiber boosts the metabolic rate of the body, aiding in weight loss and improving our bowel movements.


Are you surprised that coconut is on our list? A lot of people stay away from coconut when they are on a low-fat diet because of the saturated fats found in this fruit.However, the saturated fats in coconut are healthy and not stored as unhealthy fats in your body. If you are craving a snack, take a bite of coconut. There are so many different ways to include coconut in your diet—you can use it in the form of coconut milk, dry fruit, or even coconut oil.

The chains of triglycerides in coconut increase the metabolic rate of your liver by over 30%. By increasing your metabolic rate, coconut aids in weight loss.

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