7 Amazing Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss : Body Building

3. Kettlebells [800-900 calories/hour]


Kettle-what? Kettlebell! It is a cannonball-shaped weight that produces a powerful, effective workout like you’ve never experienced before! Kettlebell workouts combine strength training with cardio for a complete workout. And if you want a calorie burn, look no further. These babies can help you burn up to 20 calories per minute, which is the equivalent to running a 6-minute mile. Now that’s called getting the most from your workout time!

According to the American Council on Exercise, kettlebells can provide a higher intensity workout than the usual strength training routine in a shorter amount of time. This is because kettlebell training simultaneously works your cardio endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Try our 10-minute Kettlebell-Bell Inspired Workout for a great introduction for how to use the kettlebells as well as a powerful 10-minute workout hat will leave you dripping in sweat and satisfaction Not enough? Go through it twice!

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