10 Rarest & Most Expensive Foods in the World You Need to Try For Lose Weight

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3. Banana

As for as banana is considered most of the people think that is rich in carbohydrate so it will not be useful for weight loss. But contrary to their belief banana is the best fruit for weight loss. The banana supplies instant energy to the body and that is why athletes and fitness people use it more. Banana boosts strength for pre-workout and posts workout, as a result, you would not feel tired to do weight loss workout. You will feel energized before a workout and after a workout. Therefore increasing workout will help you to burn much fat and calories.

As weightloss regimens go, this diet isn’t particularly demanding. According to its inventor, Sumiko Watanabe, those on the diet must eat nothing but bananas for breakfast and wash them down with milk. Lunch should consist of another banana, perhaps with a side salad, and snacks should be nothing but more bananas.

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