The Top 10 Ways to Burn More Calories

The Top 10 Ways to Burn More Calories

Nobody wants to count calories, try to reduce weight, or reach an optimal body composition by consuming less. That’s not enjoyable; it’s also not sustainable. Just watch any bodybuilder demolish half a Wendy’s menu hours after a competition.

Instead, think about burning calories as a 24-hour endeavor that you can achieve both in and out of the gym. Put another way: You can burn calories directly (via daily workout) and “indirectly,” via lifestyle changes that will jack up your metabolism and make your body a lean, fat-burning machine.

Here are 10 ways to burn more calories throughout the day, both inside the gym and out.

1. Circuit workouts

Nothing kills a workout’s intensity like resting too much between sets. That’s always been true, but even more so in the smartphone era as people scroll through texts and Instagram feeds between moves. Don’t be that guy. Leave the phone in a locker and focus on circuit workouts, alternating lower- and upper-body moves, or pushing and pulling exercises so you can train without rest between exercises. Do two or three sets of a half dozen moves in a circuit fashion and you’ll burn way more calories than the dude on Instagram. Plus, you’ll be out of the gym in half the time.

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