Top 10 Amazing  Exercises Truths About Flat Abs: Bodybuilding

7. PMS Produces A Temporary Tummy

PMS Produces A Temporary Tummy

A week before a woman gets her period, her body starts producing extra progesterone. This hormone causes her to retain fluids – a natural response that’s designed to prepare the body to carry a baby, which is why much of it shows up around her middle. As soon as the body realizes it’s not pregnant and her period starts, progesterone levels drop and the excess water is released through urine.

High progesterone levels can also negatively affect a woman’s mood and body image, according to studies – so not only do you look bloated, you also feel bloated. It’s the ultimate double whammy. Watching what you eat (since hormones can make some women hungrier than usual) and exercising will help you feel better until your hormone levels even out again.

8. It Could Well Be, Gas

It’s true, that poor abdominal tone and fat aren’t the only culprits behind a protruding belly. Good-for-you foods like beans, fruits and vegetables all contain complex sugars called oligosacharides that you body can’t readily digest. In many people, these sugars produce intestinal gas that can enlarge your stomach for up to 24 hours after you eat them – particularly if you’re not used to eating a lot of produce. The solution? Monitoring your diet carefully and cutting back on foods that create bloat may help prevent distention. In about a week, any bulge should vanish and the long-term health benefits will remain.
Remember, eating these foods is till better than the alternative: a high-fat diet. In the meantime, try over-the-counter products like Gas X or Eno salts when you eat suspect items. Lactose intolerance, excess carbonation from colas and even mild food allergies can also fill your stomach with gas.

How you eat is also an issue. Chewing your food fast and inadequately can cause you to swallow air, which can end up collecting in your digestive tract, affecting stomach size. Women who constantly eat on the go are especially prone to this. Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.

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