Top 12 Foods That Should Be in Eat For Muscle-building

11. Turkey

The other other white meat. White meat from a turkey is among the leanest animal meat around, and is pretty easy to use in place of chicken in most recipes. Try to get cuts of whole turkey if you can—and if you do turn to deli meat, make sure it’s low-sodium, extra-lean, and free of nasty preservatives. Ground turkey (get the 99% lean variety) is also a great replacement for fattier beef in dishes like meatballs, burgers, or chili.

12. Jerky

Before you think Slim Jim—no Slim Jims!—you should know that honest-to-goodness jerky has been a valuable source of lean protein on the go for thousands of years. Whether you’re lining up standard beef jerky or something more exotic like venison, be sure to look for naturally prepared jerky without preservatives or excess salt.

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